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February 09, 2007


Uncle Wiggily


Nice job of gutting Kooky Kyle. Interesting that the link to his post re Goss is not active. Makes one wonder if he pulled it ... gosh ... wouldn't that be , you know, intellectually dishonest?

You are a welcome addition to the Nebraska blog-ateria. Keep it coming.


Binnie Bix

The link problem might be mine. I'll see if it needs fixing.


Thanks for the Friday afternoon entertainment.

Dale Gribble

The nefarious pro business anti-working people tax foundation published the "alternative" study soap boy cites. this link http://www.taxfoundation.org/research/topic/41.html
shows all of the tax foundation's studies on the tax burden in Nebraska. Im not sure from all the numbers we should be proud:

Nebraska’s state and local tax burden percentage stands at 6th highest,
Nebraska ranks 44th in the Tax Foundation's State Business Tax Climate Index.
Nebraska’s 2004 individual income tax collections were $711 per person, which ranked 21st highest nationally.
Nebraska Property Taxes: Comparatively High 16th highest nationally.
Federal Tax Burdens and Expenditures: Nebraska is a Beneficiary State 28th highest nationally


I love when people are so blatantly guilty of what they are accusing others of. Thanks for the great post!

Kyle Michaelis

Talk about the pot blaming the kettle for calling the stovetop black. The very first thing you should notice is that I NEVER called Goss a liar, and I certainly didn't do so "repeatedly."

As for the assertion that I ofered "no evidence" to back up my contentions, I hope you will all check out my most recent article, which will hopefully clear a few things up - "Why Heineman's Tax Plan is Just Plain Wrong."

And you are all more than welcome to attack me personally on my own site. I don't mind criticism, and my readers could probably use a little perspective to balance out my "rhetorical flourishes." If you want a discussion, let's have a discussion - that's the only reason the New Nebraska Network exists.

But I resent the suggestion that I don't write substantively about issues. That's not fair. It's not true - and I have a two year body of work to back me up on that.

I offer an alternative viewpoint - that's all. You don't have to agree with me. When I'm wrong, I invite you to challenge me. But, I've been nothing but respectful to my fellow Nebraska bloggers and regret that you would choose to attack me rather than actually engaging each other on the many problems our state faces.

As for the mockery, though, I'm a bit flattered. As hard as I try to keep my ego in check, I might just have to print this post and hang it on my wall for that headline alone.

Beatrice Fiddler

The title of your attack piece on Ernie Goss is "Numbers don't lie but those who manipulate them do."

I assumed you were referring to Prof. Goss. Now that you say you weren't, I looked forward to finding out who you did mean to accuse of lying.

I'm also curious to know, since you're now claiming that you didn't call Goss a liar, how you would interpret sentences from your piece such as Goss is "willing to say anything" to advance his agenda of lowering the income tax or "Goss again attempts to deceive..."

Kyle, you do occasionally offer substantive posts on your blog, but even the substantive ones tend to be enshrouded in hyped-up, mean-spirited accusations about the general all-around badness of those with whom you disagree.

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