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March 09, 2007



Your obsessed, jealous, and can't stand that Adrian Smith is being held accountable. Get over it.

GI Curmudgeon


You better watch it...Lisa will be coming after you like an astronaut on a mission. I don't think she needs a pair of Depends to get to Beatrice and back. Thing is...Adrian is doing a pretty good job and appears to have a conscience and some common sense. I think most Nebraskans are pleased with his performance so far.


I'm sure you mean that light-heartedly. I am undertaking a similarly light-hearted risk management program, as you can see.

Pablo T. Gustan

Represento los Hermanos de Aztlan en Nebraska. ¿Por favor, puedes emplear Espanol en todo para su blog, Beatrice Fiddler? BTW, Lisa me parece una guapa. ¿Enviarme su número de teléfono? Se ha lavadolo de la pared en el tocador a mi trabajo.

Spanish Lessons

Is this suppose to be light hearted?

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Mark Fettig

How many people with children were abused by the ideology of Lisa Hannah? I know one, who lost all three of her children when Lisa came to investigate the mother's complaints of abuse against her own mother. Still today, she is fighting to get them home.

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