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August 09, 2007



Hey, you would be interested to know that all sites that pay for the protection through GoDaddy, such as TerryWatch.com, show that DomainbyProxy. Perhaps you should check your facts before you attempt to tie our website to an awful site like that.

Terry Watch has never met Henry Reynolds and has no affiliation with the KKK/Racist Fred Thompson-esque site. In fact Terry Watch denounces such actions whether they are conservative or liberal. It is just wrong - we need to have a better kind of politics.

"a new smear, er, watch, site" - how can you judge our site before it has even been launched. You can make your own judgments as soon we officially launch the site coming up in less than an hour.

Let's not be partisan. I certainly have not attacked you in anyway and I hope it does not come to that. Let us elevate our politics to a real, professional level - not partisan bickering.

Terry Watch

Terry Watch believes that Congressman Terry is not representing the best interests of the second district and deserved to be watched. Which is exactly what we plan to do.

That is hardly a smear, it is the opinion of those who choose to do so. We have not done anything but and you have little prove of it.

Who are "some people"? Yourself?

It is hardly correct to judge our site without any evidence.

It is also hardly fair to attack Terry Watch for concealing the owner of the site when you seem to use an anonymous site name yourself. If you are willing to post your name, address, and phone number on your blog than our primary contributor has vowed to do the same.

Come on, let us push away obvious partisan bickering.

- TerryWatch.com


If "TerryWatch" is a site where you express your disagreements with Terry's policy and legislative positions, more power to you.

If it's a site where you imply that because Terry disagrees with you about what constitutes the best interests of the 2nd district, that he therefore has become morally objectionable, or if you regularly use harsh and way overblown rhetoric to describe him, then you'll have joined the proud ranks of the typical Dems in the Nebraska blogosphere.

We'll see as time goes on.

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